Conversor Microphones


Conversor microphones at a glance

  • Plug easily into Dictaphones voice recorders, lap-top computers and standard loop amplifiers
  • Directional microphone focuses on sounds nearby or up to 25 metres away
  • Available in omni-directional conference microphone option
  • Easily adjustable microphone direction in horizontal and vertical planes (MM series)
  • Enhance sound level and removes unwanted background noise
  • Background noise reduction up to 18dB
  • Sensitivities between -30dB and -38dB
  • Placed in a raised position on a nearby surface or used as lapel microphone(MM series)
  • Require no batteries or recharging
  • Include 0.8 metre/26 inch cable with jack plug

Director Pro microphone and the Conversor MM series microphones are powerful lightweight directional microphones that plug easily into Dictaphones, voice recorders and lap-top computers for recording lectures or group discussions. They can also be used with standard loop amplifiers to enhance the sound level and quality received by wearers of Telecoil equipped Hearing Instruments within the loop’s range.

Conversor microphones increase the available sound level and filter out unwanted background noise.

Conversor microphones are ideal for use in a variety of settings that support the special needs of individuals with learning difficulties or hearing impairments including classrooms, lecture halls, conference facilities, museums, health facilities, government agencies and work environments.

Conversor microphones can be placed in a raised position on a nearby surface and pointed at the sound source. The Conversor MM series microphones can be used as in car microphones, lapel microphones, or attached to a lap-top screen using the accessory clips provided.

Conversor microphones require no batteries or recharging, since they are powered directly by the Dictaphone, voice recorder or loop amplifier.


Conversor Microphones can be used in the following situations and environments:

  • Classrooms and Lecture Halls
  • Conference Facilities
  • The Workplace
  • Health Facilities
  • Government Agencies
  • And More!



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