How It Works

What is the Conversor Pro and What Does it do?

The Conversor Pro is a FM personal assistive listening solution for use with headphone or earbuds or with your existing hearing aid. It requires no direct connection to the hearing aid.

Hearing aids compensate for the lowering of sound level by amplifying sound. However, most hearing aids are unable to replicate Aural Focus due to the way they pick up and amplify all of the sounds surrounding the wearer.

The Conversor Pro addresses this problem by utilizing the best features of your hearing aid and eliminating the undesirable ones at the same time. This allows you to focus your hearing aid on desired sounds, near or at a distance.

What is the Conversor TV Pro?

The Conversor TV Pro works in a similar way to the Conversor Pro and is an FM solution for TV or audio assisted listening. See below for a detailed description of how it works.

Not Just Another Assistive Listening Device

There are two parts to The Conversor Pro a portable wireless FM mircrophone/transmitter and a lightweight pendant receiver:

  • The Microphone/Transmitter can be held in your hand or placed on a suitable surface near the source of sound. It transmits the sound to the Receiver up to 300 feet away.
  • The Receiver sends the sound to the hearing aid. This ‘pendant’ is connected to an inductive loop that you wear around your neck. It can be worn either above or beneath clothing.


How does it work?

Use with headphones or earbuds or by switching your hearing aid to the Telecoil setting, its microphone is switched off and the Conversor Pro microphone takes over. This superior microphone can be used in a variety of ways to improve your ability to hear nearby and distant sounds.

The Conversor In Daily Use

To see examples of how to use the Conversor in everyday situations just click – Conversor in Daily Use.

What are Conversor Multipacks

Conversor Multipacks are boxed sets of Conversor Pro transmitters and Receivers for use with multiple hearing instrument wearers and/or headphone users in a variety of situations including lecture halls, school classrooms, conference venues, churches and tour guide groups. Available with Conversor Pro transmitters, and/or a Conversor TV Pro transmitter for use with sound systems, the sounds are broadcast to multiple users wearing the Conversor Pro Receiver in the same location. There is no limit on the number of Conversor Pro Receivers that can be used with one transmitter.

Key Features

The Conversor Pro ihas a number of key features :

  • Zoom Setting

    This setting gives the microphone a very precise and narrow focus, allowing the user to select a particular sound source from a number of different sounds.

Conversor Pro directional

  • Omni-Directional Setting

    This setting allows you to focus on sounds from all around but at close proximity, and is useful in “round-table” situations such as family dinners or business meetings.

Conversor omni

  • Background Noise Reduction

    The Conversor Pro reduces unwanted background and peripheral sound by up to 30db. This allows you to focus clearly on the sounds you want to hear.

  • Wireless Portability

    You can place The Conversor Pro microphone close to the desired sound source and listen from a distance. Use it with ease at conferences, in a classroom, at a dinner party, or simply as an aid to watching TV.

How does the Conversor TV Pro Work?

The Conversor TV Pro uses a different transmitter which is plugged into the TV or sound source and which then transmits the sounds you want to hear to the Conversor Pro receiver in exactly the same way as the Conversor Pro. The TV Pro transmitter can be purchased separately and used with an existing Conversor or Conversor Pro receiver for TV listening.

TV Pro tx

Conversor TV Pro Transmitter


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