The Pocket Listenor


Compact, Hands-free Personal Assistive Listening Device for Easy Listening on the Go

The Pocket Listenor is an affordable one-piece, lightweight assistive listening device used together with Telecoil-equipped hearing instruments. Available for use straight out of the box, The Pocket Listenor is worn around the neck, either above or below clothing, and provides users with greatly enhanced sound level and clarity from nearby sound sources or when connected directly to audio-visual equipment.

Easy to use – Users first select the Telecoil setting on their hearing instrument(s), then simply place the Pocket Listenor around their neck and switch it on. The volume can be adjusted to a comfortable level by using the adjustment wheel on the side of the unit. Users will immediately notice an improvement in sound quality, whether conversing with friends and family, out shopping, or listening to a performance or speaker up to 10 meters away.

For enhanced listening pleasure to audio devices, users can also connect The Pocket Listenor directly to their radio, stereo/HIFI, computer, or MP3 player with the jack-to-jack cable conveniently provided with the unit. The Pocket Listenor can also be connected to a television, DVD and video players, or Cable TV boxes using the optional TV Scart Adaptor Cable, which is sold separately.

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